As an innovator and creative problem solver, I thrive on challenges and live to surpass any goal set in front of me. Having spent many years in various industries working with world-class brands, I have experience that allows me insight and innovation to ensure my projects stay on schedule while often exceeding expectations. 

Brian Weiski – Creative Manager ( Manager at )
“Cliff is a tremendously talented designer who excels at identifying and delivering the best solutions for any given project. His skills truly stretch across many verticals which allow him to absorb the scope of projects then devise and execute on the most proven paths to success. Whether its print or web, creative direction, branding or design, I continue to call upon Cliff’s expertise to this day.”

Warren Tsang – Web Design Director Source Interlink Media ( Manager at Source Interlink )
"Crazy efficient and hard working are the qualities that come to mind when I think about Cliff. I worked with him for several years at and also was his manager at Source Interlink Media.
I think two of Cliff’s most stand out traits are his desire to always be learning and his incredible work ethic. Cliff always picked up new software and design techniques incredibly quickly. But he didn’t just learn new things because he had to, he actively searched for things to learn to stay on top of his game. Employees that proactively do this are hard to come by. It shows an uncommon commitment to his trade, and the people employing him. You can count on Cliff to constantly bring new, cutting-edge ideas to your design team.
You can also count on him to be a great role model and mentor to other employees. As a manager it’s tough when you have employees you have to teach the rules and expectations of professionalism to. Whether it’s giving enough notice when asking for days off or staying later to help get critical projects done, Cliff always set a good, reliable example for my other designers to see and follow.
Beyond his work skills, Cliff is also just a good person with a positive, energetic personality. He’s talkative and friendly, he keeps other employees engaged and his positive attitude can be a very welcome boost to any team.
I give Cliff an enthusiastic thumbs up. Definitely hire this very experienced, passionate designer with the awesome personality."

Joel Johnson – CEO AKA Products, Inc. ( Manager at Kyosho America and currently one of my clients )
“Cliff is an expert at his craft from both a creative and technical standpoint. His work is creative and on the mark for the audience he is asked to address. His projects are always on time or ahead of schedule. I’ve also been very happy with how Cliff can work with our vendors to make sure our ads, packaging or brochures are always processed correctly. Cliff is the complete package.”

Todd Petersen – COO Firelands LLC. ( Manager at Fireland's )
“His job responsibilities included the following: collaborate with product managers to provide creative direction for all Firelands products and brands, develop artwork for box art, advertising, and store point of sales material; and produce professional level photography, as needed.
Cliff had two performance evaluations while at Firelands Group, LLC. in January 2014 and 2015, he was awarded a performance bonus on both occasions. Cliff has several strengths. Probably the one that stands out the most was his unique ability to create product names and product logos. We have a new product that is about to come to market, a sailboat called the Alara. The name and related logo he developed is elegant."
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